The Experience

We are a free-roam virtual reality gaming experience where you and your friends can book tickets to play state-of-the-art VR games together as a team. Battle zombies, go on epic adventures, and more! Your body is the controller and your mind believes it’s real.

When you step into a FlipSwitch VR arena you enter over 1200 square feet of playable space where technology, motion sensor cameras, and more help guide you.

We currently offer the following games:

  1. Arizona Sunshine
  2. Skeleton Crew
  3. Arizona Sunshine: Live Bait
  4. Corsair’s Curse

Learn more about both games on our “The Games” page.

The Gameplay

Up to 4 players per arena can play at once. You purchase your tickets based on different player quantities and the prices vary accordingly.

Our sessions include 35 minutes of gameplay along with 10-15 minutes for rules and introductions.

Our games are all “cooperative” currently, which basically means everyone is on the same team.  We have plans for PvP games in the future. Each of our games have scoring, however, so you can compete for high score within your team!

It’s rare but motion sickness can occur. Our gaming technology does a great job eliminating the possibility of motion sickness.

We understand nothing is more uncomfortable than putting on a VR headset with someone else’s sweat on it!  We have special face cushions that are easily cleaned and are moisture repellant.  We also use sanitizing wipes between every playthrough on all the hardware including the headsets.

Not as long as you follow instructions and take precautions. We have in-game safety mechanisms and a Game Master to stop that happening. It is up to you to pay attention and follow all instructions at all times to remain safe.

Industry recommendation for VR participation is ages 12 and up.  Our games also have some thematic horror elements that may not be appropriate for smaller children.  The absolute minimum age we allow is 10, but 12 is recommended. Any minor under the age of 16 we require to be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Huge! Our total arena space is over 4000 square feet split into 2 play areas.  The actual in-game playable space is between 1200 and 1300 square feet.

Booking & Pricing

The ticket prices vary by time and quantity of players.  Individual tickets are priced at $25 per person Monday through Thursday (non-peak hours) and $30 Friday through Sunday (peak hours). 

Our cancellation & change policy requires 24 hour notice.

Sure can!  Please see the Private Events page or Contact Us to inquire about your event.  We can accommodate groups or parties up to 40 people. Catering services are also available.

The Facility

We have a lobby and lounge with ample seating, TV’s for larger groups, and a large retro console “arcade” set up that is free to use!  We also have a green-screen mixed-reality station with single player VR gaming in a 15’ x 18’ arena.

We offer packaged food and bottled non-alcoholic drinks for sale individually in the lounge.  Paying VR customers are also allowed to bring in their own food and drink!

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to sell or consume alcohol on premises.  If you wish to bring or buy alcohol during your time at FSVR, please contact us about catering opportunities.  A catered party is allowed to have alcohol but must rent our entire space.

We have up to 12 parking stalls in the lot to the north of our building. Beyond that, because we are downtown, parking will be first come first serve along the street.  Parking on Washington to the west is free and there are normally open spaces close by.