About FlipSwitch VR


Founded by KC natives Jim & Jamie Mahoney, FlipSwitch VR is the first free-roam virtual reality experience to hit the region! As innovators, entrepreneurs and technology lovers, they envisioned the future of Virtual Reality after installing a system in their homes. 

“Friends and family would come over and ask to try out the VR space I had created in the living room. Once they played they were amazed and mesmerized by the experience. Instantly hooked. The thought of creating something bigger just made sense. After researching similar free-roam spaces in Australia, South Korea, and the coasts, I knew we had to bring this technology to Kansas City. So here we are!”

Jim Mahoney (Co-Founder)

Working previously for Honeywell and the Department of Energy, Jim was able to see first-hand cutting-edge hardware being put to use.  This sparked his drive to bring some of this unique technology for people to experience themselves.

Jamie Mahoney (Co-Founder)

Jamie has a breadth of experience with building design, real estate, and business management. His love for video games and technology go back to his childhood.  Jamie has worked for the past 10 years on building system engineering.